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Flower Delivery: Easy, Fast, & Convenient

By January 29, 2015August 9th, 2019No Comments

Flowers Near You!

Our flower delivery service is the easiest and most efficient way to get your message to your desired recipient in a way that is sure to surprise them! At Garden City Floral, we take pride in our flowers and the excellent service we provide with them, including delivery. We will outline how to go about placing an order of flowers for delivery, delivery charges, and the benefits of our flower delivery services!

How to Place a Delivery  Order in Missoula 

Placing an order for flower delivery couldn’t be easier at Garden City Floral! If you’re in town (Missoula) and would like to come talk to someone in person, we are always happy to give advice and recommendations at our floral shop in Missoula. There you will be able to pick out specific arrangements with a specialist!

If you’re too busy to stop by, don’t worry we have you covered! Feel free to order through our online store and fill out all the necessary information at checkout. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re sending flowers to someone outside of the Missoula area, then you’ll need to call us so we can discuss delivery charges and specifics. Of course, you are also always more than welcome to call in orders for the Missoula area!

However you end up placing your order, if you choose, you will be able to include a personal message for your recipient, as well as your name.

Garden City Delivery Charges

Please call (406) 543-6627 for delivery details.

As you will see, almost all of the Missoula area deliveries will be less than $10. We do our best to keep this an affordable service for all of our customers. As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking to send flowers outside of the Missoula area, then please call us before ordering so we can discuss specifics and price ranges.

Benefits of Flowers for Delivery

Flower delivery is quickly becoming the most popular way to send flowers to friends and family. There are many benefits to flower delivery services.  First, there is the surprise factor. By delivering the flowers with our service, your recipient will have absolutely no idea your flowers are coming, as we don’t tip them off prior to delivery. With our help, you will make their day!

Another benefit to our flower delivery service is that we work with you to arrange a time that works best for you and your recipient. This is important for occasions such as anniversaries, holidays, and sympathy arrangements. You just let us know when you’d like the flowers delivered and we will work with you to accommodate!

Our goal at Garden City Floral is always to accommodate our customers, which is why we offer our flower delivery services. It’s a very affordable, convenient and fast way to surprise a loved one with one of our beautiful arrangements. Feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns. We look forward talking with you about making a flower delivery soon!