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Taking Advantage of Fall Flowers in Your Fall Bouquet

By January 29, 2015August 9th, 2019No Comments

As summer has officially come to a close this year, so do many different styles and versions of “summer” flowers. Being located in Missoula, MT, we tend to have beautiful falls that can sometimes last well into November. Many people are interested in learning more about the best fall flowers to choose for their fall bouquets. There are many different fall occasions in which a bouquet makes sense as a gift, and it is important to pick the right flower combinations that will go with the event/occasion. We will go into detail about how to properly choose the right flowers for your fall bouquet, including what colors are associated with the fall season, as well as what are some of our favorite fall flowers in Missoula!

Fall Colors for Fall Flowers

Many people associate fall with color such as brown, yellow, orange, and red. While this is the more traditional color wheel of fall, not all fall flowers fall into this category. Depending on what type of event or occasion for which you are buying the fall bouquet, it isn’t unheard of to incorporate other color schemes into the bouquet.


Purple and Plum flowers are usually associated with springtime but can just as easily be paired with fall colored flowers and used as contrast to accentuate them. If the bouquet is being displayed in a spot that is already very heavily decorated in “traditional” fall colors, don’t be afraid to throw some purple into the mix. Traditional roses or carnations can easily be paired with fall colors when done correctly. It is important to always think about where the fall bouquet will be displayed before deciding upon the color scheme.

Traditional Fall Colors

Of course, we aren’t suggesting you forget all about the more traditional colors that are most often associated with fall. There are many different combinations of orange, red, yellow, and brown that make for beautiful fall bouquets. Try pairing yellow roses and lilies for instance, as this makes for a great traditional fall bouquet. This popular pairing can easily be displayed for many different fall occasions, including Thanksgiving dinner. Another popular fall bouquet includes large sunflowers, which we will touch on below in “Our Top Fall Flowers”.

Our Top Fall Flowers

Toad Lily

This is one of our favorites because it can add a lot of color to your bouquet. It grows well in shade and is easily cared for. This lily generally blooms in late summer and keeps its flowers into early fall.


Goldenrod is another one of our favorites that is also bright yellow in color and keeps its flowers throughout the summer into early fall. This flower grows well in sun and can reach a height of 4 feet tall!

Perennial Sunflower

This flower is one that is very common in many fall bouquets, yet is still just as beautiful as its annual counterpart. Expect this sunflower to grow up to eight feet tall and to bloom in late summer into early fall. This is a great flower to serve as the “feature” of your bouquet.

These are obviously only a few of our favorite fall flowers in Missoula. There are many different options for fall flower bouquets. It is really a matter of personal preference and style! We hope to see you down at Garden City Floral where we will help you choose the best fall flowers in Missoula for any event or occasion!