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Valentines Flowers Missoula

By February 9, 2015August 9th, 2019No Comments

Garden City Floral has the best Valentine’s Day flowers in Missoula.  Let us help you pick out the perfect flower bouquet for your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and there is no more romantic way to show your Valentine how much you care than the gift of flowers.

For Valentine’s Day, roses are the classic choice to say ‘I love you’.  Roses are the most popular and widely recognized Valentine’s flower because nothing says romance like red roses.

If your Valentine’s gift of flowers is not meant to be of the romantic variety, then a different color rose may be the perfect choice.  Traditionally, yellow roses signal friendship, white roses signal respect, and of course, red roses are for romance.

Roses, however, are certainly not the only option.  There are other flowers that can match and even beat the romance that roses exude and elicit.   It all depends on your particular situation and what exactly you want to say with your flowers.

Red and Pink Tulips, for instance, symbolize fresh beginnings.  For some, this may be the perfect Valentine flower.  For instance, those who are in the early throws of a relationship may want to send Tulips, or perhaps those who want to rekindle an old flame.  Yellow tulips signal cheerful thoughts, and white tulips stand for forgiveness.

Arrangements containing orchids have a tropic feel and add an exotic flavor to your Valentine’s arrangement.  The delicacy and gracefulness of orchids symbolize both beauty and strength.

Sunflowers are a wonderful flower to brighten up someone’s Valentine’s Day.  As the name suggests, sunflowers symbolize the sun itself and therefore convey warmth, radiance, and enduring love.

Daisies exude both fun and innocence.  They are a fun and lighthearted way to say “I love you” or “I admire you”, and they are a great way to express the happiness that your Valentine makes you feel.

The elegance and refinement of lilies make them a great choice as a Valentine flower arrangement.  Their beauty and magnificence are sure to make your Valentine melt in your arms.

Carnations symbolize undying love, such as a mother’s undying love for her child.  This is a great way to say “I love you”, and this flower’s budget friendly price makes it possible to afford a more substantial bouquet.

Last but certainly not least, a floral arrangement that includes your Valentine’s most favorite flower can have a more individualized and endearing effect. A Valentine floral arrangement with your Valentine’s favorite flower shows that you pay attention to her, that you listen and care about her desires.  This is a sure fire way to when her over.

If you have questions about which flowers and or colors go well together and send the right signal to your Valentine, then just come in to Garden City Floral Designs in Missoula, and one of our knowledgeable assistants can help you pick out the perfect floral arrangement.  We are here to help you and ensure that you have the perfect flowers for your Valentine.