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What Your Flower Shop Should Do for You

By January 29, 2015August 9th, 2019No Comments

Local flower shops have been around for hundreds of years, but as of recently, there has been an abundance of wholesale flower shops popping up online. There are advantages to using both, and we will discuss what you should expect in terms of service and selection from your local flower shop. We will also talk about the benefits of shopping at your local flower shop rather than using an online wholesale store.

What to Expect from Your Flower Shop


In this industry, timeliness is essential and not to be taken lightly. Many flower orders are time-sensitive, and it is important that flower shops take this into consideration. With many arrangements and bouquets ordered for special occasions, it is imperative that they are delivered/prepared on time for those events. Make sure your flower shop has a good reputation regarding delivery time and preparation time before placing an order.


Consistency is important in all lines of business, but especially in the flower industry. As a customer, you should come to expect that all of your orders are filled the same way and that there are no inconsistencies between arrangements. This includes everything from broken flowers/broken vases, to dying or wilting flower arrangements. Every flower arrangement that goes out to customers should be fresh and hand selected. Customers are paying for quality arrangements, and so they need to be ensured that they are getting quality flowers every time they place an order.


With so many different occasions and events in which it is socially expected that flowers are present, your flower shop needs to be affordable to you. This means completely different things to different people, depending on the customer’s income for instance.  For this reason, having different pricing schemes is a good way to cater to all customers. It is easy to get carried away when picking out beautiful arrangements, so take a couple minutes to make sure your flower shop is truly the best option for your budget.

Benefits of Shopping at Your Local Flower Shop


While wholesale flower stores can sometimes be cheaper and easily accessed online, your local flower shop is more likely to have a better selection of arrangements and flowers. This is especially true if you’re looking for specific flowers that are native to the area in which you live. Often times, local flower shops may have a lot of local flower arrangements that have more meaning to your recipient compared to a standard arrangement shipped across the country by a wholesale flower store.

Supporting Local Small Businesses

While this might be obvious, it is still worth pointing out that you are helping stimulate the economy of your local community by purchasing your flower arrangements from a local flower shop.  This can pay dividends in many ways. Nowadays many local small businesses are being run out of town by larger national corporations. Many of your local flower shops have been a staple of town for years and years. There is a certain tradition that goes with buying flowers from a local flower shop.

We hope this has been helpful in informing you of what you should expect from your local flower shop and some of the benefits to buying locally. These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when deciding where to purchase your next flower arrangement. We hope to see you at Garden City Floral soon to help you pick out that perfect flower arrangement!